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iPhone Repair FAQs

iPhone Repair FAQs

A: Yes. Absolutely. If you have a coupon from another company repairing iPhones / iPads we will happily match the price. Remember, Smart Tech is all about convenience for the customer. Price matching is another way for us to help out.

A: Digitizer (aka Touch Panel) - the glass part of the screen covering the LCD display
    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - the part of the screen displaying the image

    You may have a cracked digitizer, and the image will display perfectly.

    If you have a cracked LCD, the display will be distorted and both the LCD and digitizer will need to be replaced.

A: No, we do not sell DIY iPhone screen repair kits.
The entire repair process usually takes about one hour, starting from when you call to when we finish. The longest part is usually our travel time.
Yes, we will go to you to make repairs. Can’t drive? No worries. Homebound? No sweat. In the middle of work? No problem. We repair your iPhone wherever you are in our greater Milwaukee service area. We don’t even charge extra for traveling.

A: Wherever you need us to be in the greater Milwaukee area.

A: Whenever you need your iPhone or iPad fixed—24/7.

A: Yes. Even if your iPhone or iPad screen doesn’t function or is completely black we can fix it.

A: Yes. We will repair your HOME button.  Schedule an appointment today.

A: Yes. We replace your iPhone or other smartphone’s battery.

A: We can fix the broken loudspeaker on your iPhone.

A: We will repair the front/back camera on your iPhone for a small fee.

A: We do fix water damaged iPhones, but, please, sanitize the device first if it has been in a toilet or other environment likely to cause sepsis.

A: Do you have a used or broken iPhone to sell to us? The answer’s always a resounding “YES!” We pay more than anywhere else you’ll find online.

A: Yes. We have pre-owned iPhones in the Milwaukee area, and we can deliver the iPhone you want directly to you.

Contact Milwaukee’s anywhere iPhone repair people at Smart Tech to ask a question we didn’t answer, or to schedule a repair.