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For all the Ways iPhones are Damaged, there’s Smart Tech

We all know tragedy can strike anywhere, anytime. Still, we think it will never happen to us. Then, one day, there’s a sickening crunch when you sit down and you realize your back pocket probably wasn’t the best place to carry your iPhone. After the wailing and gnashing of teeth comes the dread of having to drive to some out-of-the-way place in Milwaukee to get it fixed.

Wait! There’s actually an easy fix for broken iPhone screens. Just call (or email) SmartTech and we’ll come to you. We can replace shattered iPhone screens in 20 minutes or less. We also repair phones that have been dropped in water (or worse). Our prices can’t be beat, but if you find someplace offering the same repair for less, we’ll gladly match their price.

Smart Tech iPhone Repair Services:

Before and after photos of iPhone repaired by Smart Tech

Why You Need to Get Your iPhone’s Screen Repaired…NOW

You might have a cracked screen that’s still usable. Maybe the crack only obscures part of the screen and you figure “I can live with that.” Trouble is, a cracked screen is prone to further cracking. In fact, it’s inevitable. You really need to have the glass replaced unless you’re okay with a shard of glass slicing your ear when you’re talking on the phone.

Smart Tech is so confident in the quality of our repairs we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our repair of your iPhone, we’ll refund your payment. Yep, all of it.