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DIY iPhone Screen Repair Problems & Risks

Common DIY Repair Problems:

  • Lines running down the screen
  • Slow or unresponsive to touch
  • Dulled and/or spotted coloring

A fair amount of SmartTech customers come to us after having tried DIY kits to fix their cracked or broken iPhone screens.

We make it seem easy, but that's because we do it every day. We have the knowledge, the parts and the experience for your mobile screen repair.

Save yourself the time and trouble and call SmartTech for a convenient iPhone screen fix wherever you are.

Why Not DIY iPhone Screen Replacement?

1. Delicate Parts

iPhones have a lot of delicate parts in them, with the wires being the most delicate. Removing the screen requires using pry tools to force apart the water-resistant bond between the screen and the rest of the phone. There's even more adhesive between the glass and LCD, which requires heat and a lot of effort to force apart. Fingers can slip. Maybe too much caffeine. Maybe the pry tool slips. The result is often torn wires or damaged circuit boards.

2. Inexperience

It's understandable for your first repair to go badly. We've been repairing iPhone screens for years and finish a screen replacement in 15 minutes or less. Many people who do DIY repairs for anything buy multiple repair kits because they know there's a good chance they're going to mess up the first time. Safety in numbers is something we believe in, and we have fixed thousands of cracked iPhone screens in southeastern Wisconsin. Smart Tech is a safe choice.


Botched DIY

Screen Replacements

Bad DIY iPhone Screen Replacements

3. Time Consuming

Replacing your iPhone screen can take a long time if it's your first, second, or even third time doing it. There are a lot of parts to remove, and many of the parts have screws of specific lengths holding them in. You have to set them aside in a way that helps you remember which parts and screws go where or else risk having to try each screw in each hole until you finally find the right combination. That's a time-consuming process.

4. Rate of Failure

A lot of people eventually just give up on trying to replace their iPhone screens by themselves. Buying the kits, taking the time, and taking the risk doesn't always pay off. It is often easier and more economical to call a professional immediately before screwing up the phone you paid $1000 for.

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Great! excellent! They got to me within an hour of my call for my iPhone XR SCREEN REPAIR. Even on Christmas Day! Absolutely recommend. Professional and friendly.
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