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Featured Products: iPhone 11 & iPhone 12

Smart Tech sells high-quality pre-owned iPhones at discounted prices. By the nature of the industry, our inventory is constantly changing depending on what is in stock. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are among the most popular pre-owned iPhones we carry. Contact Smart Tech to check the availability of pre-owned iphone 11s and iPhone 12s in stock.



Find a great deal on a lightly-used iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 at Smart Tech. Save thousands of dollars as compared to buying a new phone. Discounted prices does not mean discounted quality, our stock of lightly-used iPhone 11 and iPhone 12s are good as new and fully functional. Every device is cleared, cleaned, and inspected before being sold. Contact Smart Tech to find discounted iPhone 11 and iPhone 12s in stock.

Pre-owned iPhones for sale at discounted prices

Smart Tech carries a stock of pre-owned and refurbished iPhones available for sale. Our supply of pre-owned iPhones is constantly changing so it is best to call sooner than later to inquire about your phone of choice. We carry everything from the iPhone 8 and up. Get a great deal on pre-owned iPhones that function as good as new at Smart Tech. Call now to discuss our stock of pre-owned iPhones at discounted prices!

Customers contact us with their iPhone questions and concerns, and we tell them what we think the best course of action is.

Pre-Owned iPhone Origins


Pre-owned iPhones. 9 out of 10 of our pre-owned iPhones have 100% of the original manufacturer parts, and we use OEM parts for the few repairs we do make.


Our pre-owned iPhones come from people just like you. We buy iPhones from people who switch services or upgrade and have that extra phone lying around.


Buy an iPhone from us anytime we're open. Just call or click the Price List button above for an updated list of the phones we have and the price of each phone.


We do this as a service for people who need a newer iPhone but don't want to break the bank or the environment—it's recycling with an immediate payoff.

Why Choose SmartTech?

We make sure all of our phones are 100% functional, cleaned of all your information, and reset to factory settings before we sell them. We can meet you at a time that works for you at a location of your choice. We can come to you while you're at work, home or at a local coffee shop. If you want us to meet you at your service provider to ensure a smooth transition we can do that as well. If you would like to trade up your iPhone we can give you a credit towards a newer one. We started this company for the customers, and that’s how we will continue to operate. We do more than just mobile phones repairs.

Buy Pre-Owned iPhones for LessFair Prices on the Best Devices

Smart Tech Mobile Phone Repair in Milwaukee is a great resource if you're in the market for an iPhone you can afford. We buy new and gently used iPhones and make sure they are completely functional and ready for a new user. Nine out of Ten of our pre-owned phones are 100% original. However, we also buy old iPhones and restore them to look and function like new. We will always let you know if the phone has been worked on. 

Brand new iPhones are expensive. Cellular service providers aren’t giving discounts for new phones anymore. Why pay $550 to $950 for a new iPhone when you can get one pre-owned for much, much less.

No one will know your phone was pre-owned unless you tell them. All of our pre-owned iPhones function just as well as brand new ones. We price our pre-owned phones to have them sell. You are guaranteed to get a fair price when you buy a pre-owned iPhone from Smart Tech mobile phone repair.

Contact our Milwaukee iPhone experts to find out pricing for individual devices and schedule an appointment to have it delivered to you.