Fix my iPhone

iPhone/iPad Repair FAQs

A: Yes. Absolutely. If you have a coupon from another company repairing iPhones / iPads we will happily match the price. Remember, Smart Tech is all about convenience for the customer. Price matching is another way for us to help out.

A: Digitizer (aka Touch Panel) - the glass part of the screen covering the LCD display
    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - the part of the screen displaying the image

    You may have a cracked digitizer, and the image will display perfectly.

    If you have a cracked LCD, the display will be distorted and both the LCD and digitizer will need to be replaced.

A: No, we do not sell DIY iPhone screen repair kits.

A: Wherever you need us to be in the greater Milwaukee area.

A: Whenever you need your iPhone or iPad fixed—24/7.

A: Yes. Even if your iPhone or iPad screen doesn’t function or is completely black we can fix it.

A: Yes. We will repair your HOME button.  Schedule an appointment today.

A: Yes. We replace your iPhone or other smartphone’s battery.

A: We can fix the broken loudspeaker on your iPhone.

A: We will repair the front/back camera on your iPhone for a small fee.

A: We do fix water damaged iPhones, but, please, sanitize the device first if it has been in a toilet or other environment likely to cause sepsis.

A: Do you have a used or broken iPhone to sell to us? The answer’s always a resounding “YES!” We pay more than anywhere else you’ll find online.

A: Yes. We have pre-owned iPhones in the Milwaukee area, and we can deliver the iPhone you want directly to you.

Contact Milwaukee’s anywhere iPhone repair people at Smart Tech to ask a question we didn’t answer, or to schedule a repair.